by Bridget Allen

Autumn is a great time of the year when your summer wardrobe must be swapped out for warmer fashions. The crisp feel of the air is the perfect sign that it is time to break out your cozy sweaters and warm pants. Many people feel fall is simply the time between super summer fashions and steamy winter wear, but it is much, much more! Think of fall as its own season and be sure to choose a wardrobe that best suits the cool air, falling leaves, and shorter nights. The entire palate of fall colors is superb, from oranges and rusts to golds, browns, greens, and burgundies. These fantastic tones are sure to fit any skin tone, so start planning your fall wardrobe today!

If you find your budget is far shorter than your clothing needs, look to create a fall wardrobe from your preexisting summer and winter wear. Using the clothing that is already in your closet can produce a fantastic fall wardrobe that only requires a few key pieces. Depending on the climate in your neck of the woods also depends on your needs for a fall wardrobe. If you enjoy sunshine and warm weather for fall, then cords, jackets, and sweaters are not a reasonable choice. However, if your falls turn wet and cool quickly, start planning out your fall wardrobe immediately so that you have something suitable to wear when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

One necessary item for your fall fashion is a super jacket. Jackets and blazers are all the rage this season, as is the whole layering effect. Choose a jacket or blazer made from a traditional fall material in a color that is suitable to the season and the rest of the items in your collection. One great example is a luxurious brown corduroy blazer that will work at the office or on the town. Also, consider investing in a skinny scarf, another popular it item this season. The scarf is more of a burst of color and pattern instead of a muffler, but it may become useful when the wind picks up!

Another fall must have item is a fantastic pair of boots. This season, cowboy boots and other western inspired footwear is especially popular, so choose a pair to wear with your favorite jeans or that great skirt. Also, don't forget to find a perfect fall bag! Slouch bags are back again this season, so check out one for your wardrobe. About the Author

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