Oily Hair A Greasy Battle

Every hair has its pros and cons. Oily hair happens to be one of the common problems. With the common problem there are common solutions which, used wisely can be very helpful for all the people with oily hair. One of the things which can be done to remove the oil from your hair is to eat healthy food.

Food which is healthy and nutritious such as vegetables, fruits, sprouts, lentils, pulses all taken in right proportion can be very helpful. Junk food such as fries, burgers, hot dogs and many more just keep on adding more oil to body and hair. After changing your food habits, it is time to get a shampoo which is more feasible with your hair. For oily hair wash your hair at least twice a week. There are many brands of shampoo in the market which can give your hair the bounce and shine you require. The chemicals in the shampoo may strip your hair from its moisture, so try using a shampoo which is very mild and has the blend of all the required minerals.

Use clear, see-through shampoos which will remove the oil without leaving any residue behind. When you apply the shampoo massage well, this way there are chances that you may squeeze out some oil too. When you are applying conditioner see to it that you apply it at the roots and middle avoiding the roots. You could also try this at home; firstly have a mixture of mild vinegar and water in the ratio of 1:1. Use this water to rinse away the excess oil from your scalp.

While applying this solution let it settle for some time making it more effective. This way the solution can work better in helping you remove the oil.

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